What is Maize Plant Discipleship?

Maize Plant Discipleship is a learning resource providing 60 scripturally-based studies, designed to be practical, relevant and accessible in African contexts.

Developed in collaboration with African leaders and learners and formulated in response to doctoral research in Burkina Faso, West Africa, it is:

  • tailored to small learning groups
  • based around reflective group discussion
  • suitable for formal and informal study
  • linguistically accessible
  • economically replicable.

Maize Plant Discipleship is designed to be delivered by local facilitators trained and licenced to use, distribute, translate and republish Maize Plant Discipleship resources.

Training for Maize Plant Facilitators

Maize Plant Facilitator Training uses online e‑learning to equip trainees to facilitate Maize Plant Discipleship in local and regional contexts.

Who is it for?

Maize Plant Discipleship aims to equip people of all walks of life—including oral learners—to live a robust and creative life of scripturally-based discipleship.

Maize Plant Facilitator Training aims to equip literate facilitators to establish learning groups in their own local and regional contexts.


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